YOGA BY Taj Mahal

Sanskriti Vacations offers you the unique combination of Yoga by the Taj Mahal. Outside India, the Indian civilization is identified with Yoga, the Taj Mahal and Mahatma Gandhi. While in Agra, you may avail this unique opportunity of experiencing the combination of Yoga & Taj Mahal, which will make you embark on "The Journey - Inwards" as you will be led by your personal Master Yogi, atop a privatized mound overlooking the Taj Mahal as the sun rises.

Golf Tour Of Taj Mahal

The magical wave of compassion can be felt coming out from your heart as you unlock the maya of Yoga while being led into yogic postures, practising deep breathing & witnessing the spectacle of golden shimmer that washes the bulbous dome of the Taj Mahal as sunsets over the monument of love spreading the profound tranquillity, yoga exudes as daylight turns to dusk in the surroundings of the natural environs facing the Taj Mahal. Many say that while doing yoga, they feel a sense of calmness within them. Yoga is an ancient school of Hindu philosophy that prescribes physical and mental disciplines for betterment of body and mind as well as helping in spiritual growth. Yoga has been practised in India for thousands of years. We will be happy to privatize the entire arrangement for your personal Yoga Experience while you are at Agra, including your personal Yoga Guru, yoga mats & even your satvik breakfast after a relaxing Yoga secession.

Those visiting Agra & looking forward to a game of Golf will find this beautiful Golf Course located near Taj Mahal, off the west entrance gate. The Golf Course serves as an ideal Golfing opportunity amidst the land of erstwhile Mughals in Agra. Sanskriti Vacations takes pride in customizing or organizing an outdoor lunch event, or an opportunity for a sundowner after a game of Golf at the Club House at Agra Club Golf Course amidst fantastic setting as the Club House has been designed for leisure dining or lounging for a relaxed evening experience with music or a family picnic. The Agra Club Golf Course can easily be compared with any of the Golf Courses around in terms of quality & facilities Coffered. The wonderfully different environment, Club House, changing facilities, Caddie etc. and post tournament function rooms combine together to offer you a level of pleasure you will not get anywhere. You can enjoy this fascinating experience just by the famous World Heritage Monument, the Taj Mahal & also in the close proximity of the Agra Fort.


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