vedic Astrologer Dattacharya

The Master Vedic astrologer Dattacharya Pandit, who is 82 years now & is lovingly called "Dada Guru" by his followers, enjoys immense repute in the field of Indian Astrology in Agra. He gained popularity nearly 30 years ago and enjoys a long list of highly satisfied clients, because of his in depth knowledge and 50 years of work experience in Indian Vedic Astrology.

Dattacharya Vedic Astrologer

Dada Guru graduated from St. Johns College, Agra in 1954, wherein he had studied Medieval Indian History & English Literature, but by than his eagerness to learn about Indian astrology had galvanized his interests in studying ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures because of his patriarchal lineage. Inquest of understanding the spiritual explanation of the riddles of life, he needed to experiment with reality of life, for which he wandered for almost 10 years & also studied astrological scriptures in company of the renowned astrologers of India. He successfully utilizes his experiences in life, in forecasting the planetary effects on individual human brain & also on collective life.
Dada Guru has long list of the clients who have benefited from his skills in remedial astrology, whereby he uses his knowledge of ancient scriptures in helping his clients averting the ill effects of planetary movements on them. Today, he is an expert in resolving practical astrological works like Casting of Horoscopes, Interpretation of Birth Charts, and Match Making for weddings and forecasting annual financial growth. His accurate predictions have won him many clients not only in India but also globally.

He believes that, whenever individuals are in a dilemma of what to do, or when to do, whenever a decision is to be taken which has multiple options or one wishes to regain lost wealth, for all such ifs and buts of life, which confront us in day to day life, astrology can be used as a great resolve. He enjoys a large clientele, which testifies to the miraculous changes that have occurred after following his guidelines.

Dattacharya Pandit lives with 3 generations of his family in Agra & is available for astrological consultations. He provides a computerised horoscope on producing Date of Birth, Time of Birth & place of Birth. In absence of such details he inquires in to many aspects of one's life to develop horoscopes & than goes on detailing further with near miraculous accuracy and perfection. He is readily available in Agra through appointments & also guides devotees in Vedic rituals.


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